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Methodist Men

Methodist Men’s Group meets on the  Last Monday of each month for a dinner meeting. (except July & August)

Their ministry includes:

  • Selling Gift Cards (aka SCRIP Cards)
  • Semi-annual parking lot sales
  • Palm Sunday Breakfast
  • Assisting with Circle J Methodist Camp
  • Purchase of various items in and for the church
  • Donate to the needs of Sheridan County
Methodist Men’s Group Gift Card Fundraising Program

Consider using the gift cards from the Men’s Group for your purchases. You can use them to purchase candy for Halloween, ingredients to bake cookies for the cookie sale, groceries for Thanksgiving Dinner, and presents for Christmas or give them as presents or gas to travel for the vacation.

It is a seamless, painless way to support the church. For example, if you need groceries for Thanksgiving and purchase a $100 Albertson’s card you receive Albertson’s $100 gift card and 4% goes to the Men’s Group. If you don’t know what to get the man in your family you can purchase a Cabela’s $100 gift card. You will receive a $100 Cabela’s gift card and the Men’s Group receives 11% of that. Guys, if your wife has taken you by the hand and pointed out exactly what she wants for Christmas at Bed, Bath & Beyond, you can purchase a Bed, Bath & Beyond card and the Men’s Group will receive 7% of the amount of the card.

How can I get these gift cards?

To place a gift card order, click on the link at the bottom of this page to bring up the order form.  Mark on the sheet which retailer or eating establishment and what denomination of card you want and give the order form to Rollie Hein with a check for the total amount. Rollie places orders every Monday and the cards are here by Friday. Overnight shipping can be requested if needed. You can also drop order forms and checks off at the church office.

There are several people/families in the church who are currently using the gift cards regularly for groceries and gas.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS about the program please contact Rollie Hein at 763-2141.

Order Form for Scrip Cards

All the proceeds from the gift card program are used to support the church and the community of Sheridan.  ~Rollie Hein, Methodist Men’s Group

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