Meat and Cabbage Rolls – see description


These rolls are packed with flavors and are not like anything you have had before.   A perfect blend of spices to season the ground beef, mixed with cabbage, onions, and homemade bread.

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Everything stuffed into a handy little bun!

Place your order at the Virtual 3rd Thursday. 

Hamburger, onions, cabbage, sauerkraut, butter, salt, pepper, wrapped in wheat homemade bread. Yum!

Pick up your Meat and Cabbage Roll the next day (Friday, June 19) between 5-7 PM at the First United Methodist Church, 215 W. Works St, Sheridan, WY in the parking lot on the corner of Thurmond and Works. 

All profit from this online purchase will be attributed to our “Native American Ministry fundraising”,  thank you for supporting the Native American Ministries of First United Methodist Church.  For more information about this cause please contact the Church office at (307) 672-9779.