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Church Modernizing and Ministry

The Bell Tower was completed in January of 2023. Signage and the Dedication of the Bell Tower will be at a later date. Click Below to see the Bell Ring.

First United Methodist Church (FUMC)  has modernized its building making God’s Love more accessible by incorporating the theme “God’s Plans, Our Hands, Fulfilling the Vision” and “Living Out God’s Love”.  


Modernization of the First United Methodist Church was completed and re-occupancy of the church happened in December 2016.  An open house for the community was held on May 14, 2017, in celebration of the completion of phase 2. 

Completion of the first remodel phase of updating First United Methodist Church in Sheridan WY.  Construction work started December 2, 2008, themed “Making God’s Love Accessible”.

Living out God's Love