Boiler Update

Work continued on the New Boiler this week. We are so thrilled with the progress so far. Picture: Taken the last week of June 2024.

Boiler Update

It has been over a year now since one of the steam units in our boiler cracked open. In October of 2022, Don Winkelmann found the initial crack. Since then, the crack was welded, and Mike Flack used JB weld to seal it shut. The Church Council ordered a new boiler around February of 2023. We finally received the boiler at the end of October of 2023. By this time, we resealed the crack with JB weld and began running the boiler for the winter.

The challenge we face now is the cold winter weather. To install the new boiler, we will need to turn off our heating source for no less than a week. It could take longer if the installers run into trouble. The Church Council

hopes that the JB weld will get us through this winter so we can replace the boiler in the spring. This way, we do not risk freezing part of the building or being unable to gather due to the cold.

So far, the JB weld is holding, but we continue to monitor the crack with a security camera. If the crack does open back up, we will face the challenge of shutting down the heat and replacing the boiler during the winter. We hope and pray that we will not need to.

We are grateful for everyone who has helped monitor and work on the boiler over the last year and a half.