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On Thursday, October 15, the worship committee met to discuss the two worship services’ current structure and flow. During this discussion, we decided to combine the 8:00 AM in-person, and 9:30 AM virtual worship services back to a single worship service now that the outdoor worship service is in the sanctuary. We will have one worship service on Sunday at 9:30 AM. For those gathering in-person, we will still be following the Health and Safety team guidelines approved by the conference. We are excited to bring together both services and are pleased to share that the bells will be playing this Sunday, October 25.

We look forward to worshipping this Sunday at 9:30 AM with you in-person or online. 


First United Methodist Church

Worship Plan

October 18, 2020

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Health and Safety Team has been working to ensure that as we enter back into the Sanctuary for in-person worship; we will be in a safe environment. We will have one worship service on Sunday at 9:30 AM. The following guidelines can and will be modified as we receive guidance from our Conference, from local health officials, and input from you. Active, confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the county level should be stable or on the decline for 14 days in order to lessen restrictions for sanctuary worship. These guidelines are inviting us to observe safe practices not only for our well-being but for the well-being of those around us.

Entering and exiting the church: Masks are expected as you enter and exit the church and Sanctuary. Please enter through the main glass entry located by the parking lot. When the service is concluded, we will exit through the main doors and the rear of the Sanctuary. Masks may be removed once all have been seated and after the service begins. If you must leave and reenter the Sanctuary during the service, please wear your mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided at the entry door. If you are more comfortable wearing your mask during the service, please do so.

Seating: Ushers will be directing the seating, and we ask that you please follow their direction. Pews have been marked for seating allowance on both the main floor and balcony following the six-foot CDC guideline. The seating arrangement will accommodate single and multiple/family worshipers.

Singing and Reciting (Prayer and Liturgy): These items will not be part of the service at this time. The liturgist with the pastor will offer prayer and response on behalf of all in attendance, and we ask that your response be an “Amen.” Where music is provided, we ask that you make a joyful noise by clapping and keeping time with the music. The Bells have been practicing, and we hope to have the joy of their music from time to time. Additionally, and when possible, there will be background music during parts of the service. Again we ask, please do not sing. You will notice that all materials (Bibles, Song Books, Paper materials) have been removed from the pews. Please bring your own Bible if you use one during the service.

Communion: On Communion Sundays, as you enter the Sanctuary, ushers will provide you a communion cup with both wafer and juice together. Those requiring a gluten-free wafer will be provided a wafer in an individual container. We ask that as you depart the service, you dispose of your communion containers in baskets by the exit doors.

Gifts and Offerings: There will be no in-pew plate collection. However, collection plates will be placed at both doors, and you can leave your offering as you enter or exit.

Prayer requests: Will continue to be texted/messaged to the Pastor for the prayer time.

Finally, and as much as many of us want to, please avoid physical contact with others. A hug from a distance, an elbow knock, a wave will help you communicate your love to others. We are grateful for your patience, cooperation, and consideration of others throughout this process.

Grace and Peace,

Health and Safety Team

Don Winkelmann, Barbie Flack, Billy Taylor, Diane Hall, Butch Bennett, Rev. Jim Barth


To view the Health & Safety Guidelines, please click the link below. 

Health & Safety Team Letter



Sunday Worship Service – 9:30 am

Sunday Bulletin

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